How do I navigate my Catalog?

The Catalog is home to ALL your audit results and is where you'll spend the most time in the tool. So, we made it completely customizable and a walk in the park to navigate!

Your Catalog View places all of your audited product interests at your fingertips, eloquently packed with an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface. See details below to quickly become a Product Catalog Pro.  

Catalog Toolbar:  
The Catalog toolbar consists of seven (7) key actions / features to provide you the product data you need in a layout that is easy to digest. There is also a built in Search option to help you quickly filter (say, Brand or Product Name) or to locate a product by UPC, retailer ID and more. Working from Left to Right:

  • Select / Reset Filters : Our filters menu enables you to quickly and easily filter and segment your products by retailer, Audit Name, Brand, Category, Tags and so much more.
  • Select / Edit Catalog Columns: Allows you to select and reorder the columns you want to appear in your catalog view. Start small or "GO BIG" - the choice is yours and yours alone. 
  • Save Catalog: Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of this feature. Once you find that perfect combination of data and filters, you can select to save this view (including any applied filters) so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you login. You can also go here to select from our four (4) "System Views" we took the liberty of creating. You can thank us later!
  • Manage Workspace Tags: Another cool tool is our Tag feature. Bring efficiency to life and make quick work in segmenting your products. This tool enables you to "Tag" one or many products (which once created become filters that you can sort by) to assist you in segmenting your products. Products can also be assigned Multiple Tags. You can also choose from one of our "System Tags" or create your own.
  • Assign Keywords: We've made managing and monitoring your product / category specific keyword utilization cool again (and did I mention, EASY). By selecting products in your Catalog to assign Keywords, we give you the convenience and flexibility to too Primary/Secondary keywords "by product" or "In Bulk". Keyword usage within your product content can then be tracked (and scored) against. Then check out Share of Search to monitor your rankings against those keywords!
  • Export Catalog: Pretty self-explanatory. We know ContentStatus is cool and all and you'd love to spend your entire day hanging out with us, but sometimes you need to take us "to-go". Our export feature allows you to export your catalog view as you have sorted and filtered to. Simply - select your columns, sort / filter, select the products to export, choose export and... Viola!  
  • Reports: Sometimes you just need to share the load. We get it. Check out the Reports section to access list of eight (8) pre-designated reports

Did you know? You can also filter and sort any/all column headers you select in your Catalog view. 

Take the following Steps when accessing your Catalog for the first time or to create the best experience moving forward:

Step 1: Select View Catalog to access your catalog view. Your catalog will expose all products from all current/previous audits by Default

Step 2: Select the Columns icon to choose the actionable insights you want exposed in your catalog view. You can also "reorder" the columns during this step. NOTE: If you plan to use these selections often, we recommending Saving this View

Step 3: Select the Filters icon as-needed to dial in on the products you are looking to assess and review. Once filters are applied, you can choose to export, tag, apply keywords and more. You can also individual select products to bring up the full individual product overview. Pretty Rad, right!?

Pro Tip: If you've created or assigned "Tags" to any products, you can also expose and choose those when selecting your Columns in Step 2. You can also "filter" by Tags in Step 3